Der Sache auf den Kern


thinking about and finding truth has always been one of the main targets of several philosophical disciplines. part of martin heideggers program, as one of the founders of the phenomenological method, was to re-interpret forgotten, concealed or already missinterpreted chapters of previous philosophies, a task he called “deconstruction”. deconstruction isn’t thought of in a negative way: it is the return to the origins of thinking which have become superimposed layer after layer.

As for truth Heidegger reintroduced the ancient greek concept of ἀλήθεια. the meaning of aletheia is “unconcealdness” or “disclosure”; truth is something not being hidden, implying sincerity. still truth wants to be seen: occasionally it its necessary to practice active work on truth, to remove or deconstruct concealments not only pertaining to the object, but also to our very own minds so that an ontological world is disclosed or opened up. truth is nothing hidden inside things and objects. truth is “being in the world” in ontologic sincerity …

Ein Videoclip von Thomas Sölva.